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To finally release the weight, regain your energy and reclaim your life for GOOD!

Break The Cycle

Break the cycle of weight
gain and weight loss with
no end in sight


Guaranteed at least 15 lbs
 of weight loss or your
second cycle is FREE

Permanent Solution

Allow for a permanent
solution even if nothing has worked so far

Aren’t you worth it?
 Imagine your life if you had more energy?
 If you could wear those skinny jeans again?

Dr Rajka Milanovic Galbraith


Then I can help you!
I get it! For over 3 decades, I suffered from profound intermittent fatigue. What started as being chronically tired, soon became endometriosis, infertility, PMS, migraines with vision loss, Hashimoto’s and almost a second autoimmune disease that sent me liver enzymes soaring. Not to mention that I gained 5-10 lbs. with every major life stressor only to lose and regain it again! To finally pack on almost 20 lbs during perimenopause. I spent the equivalent of another medical school education ($100K!) and a decade reclaiming my energy, releasing the weight and resetting my hormones. 
If any of this sounds like you, I understand your frustrations. The good news is that I have successfully helped thousands of women reclaim their lives from these debilitating symptoms and release the weight for good!

We are serious about your success

But I have already tried every diet out there!

We hear this from every single of our successful clients at first.

But I already eat healthy

As did all of my successful clients but if you don't change a thing and you're not taught a precise way to eat for your body type you will not lose or maintain weight successfully.

But I already Intermittent Fast

So did most of our current Radiant Reset clients. Eating the precise way isn't the only element of success. Our metabolic support formula which helps reset the metabolism is a must have to reach your goals.

But what if it doesn't work

We have a 15lbs weight loss guaranee or we will gift you a second round of Radiant Reset for FREE!

But I have spent so much money before

This is the LAST time you will have to spend money as our clients sustain the weight loss following our instructions.
Dr. Rajka was always here for me medically, mentally and emotionally in my complete wellness journey. I have not only lost 60 pounds, but I have regained my energy and most important, my confidence is coming back! She never gave up on me, and I was a tough case, and for that… Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!! 


age 50, lost 60 lbs
In less than 3 weeks, I am down a total of 10.4 lbs. I have not seen the number that is on the scale like in five years. So happy to have decided to take this journey. Thank you for the support in this group too!  


lost 10+ lbs
I have a scale and a non-scale victory to celebrate I hit the 10 lbs mark in less than 3 weeks (yippee)!! AND I walked down the stairs this am for the first time in a year without my ankles and knees hurting so bad that I limp. This is a big one for me!     


Age 35, lost 10 lbs

21 Lbs lost

49 yr old female 
21 lbs lost in 6 weeks AND maintained
 for 18 months

17 Lbs lost

46 yr old female
17 lb lost in 6 weeks and sustained after 1 year.
SO GLAD I DID THE PROGRAM!!! I didn’t really have any doubts of it working, I was worried I wouldn’t follow through. I’m not a dieter in any way, so I really didn’t try other things previously. Secondary benefits….soooooo many, the biggest surprise for me, a HUGE decrease in sugar cravings/sweet tooth, increased self confidence, and just the overall health benefit has me feeling great! What got me through the difficult days? I would do positive self talk in front of my bathroom mirror, I would say, “I am worth it and I deserve it. MY HEALTH IS WORTH IT”. No one on the face of this earth should be taking better care of your health than you. YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Absolutely the right decision to do this program!!! I have tried so many diets over my life, weight watchers, nutrisystem, keto, Atkins, intermittent fasting, grapefruit, cabbage soup, medi-fast, on and on. Some worked for a time, but it was fleeting. Also, many of these diets were unhealthy. You can’t keep doing something that isn’t healthy—your body will fight back. So, I was hesitant on spending more money on yet another diet program. I typically lose about 2-3 lbs in a month on even the strictest diet. My metabolism is very stubborn. But I felt I had run out of options. So , although dubious, I took the plunge and signed on. What a great decision! I’ve lost way more weight than I ever expected. More importantly I have learned so much about what works and doesn’t work for me. I don’t feel like a victim of my metabolism, but feel much more in control of my weight. Most important I feel healthier. My joints used to ache and I had such inflammation. That’s truly improved. My body feels nourished with real, whole food. I’m learning about what’s unique to me, so that moving forward I can give my body what it needs. My cravings are really gone. I usually just undertake diets and programs on my own. Never felt like I would benefit from a group. Wrong again. I learned that the support and encouragement from others I got from this group was huge in my mental attitude and success. Finally the support from Dr. Rajka is beyond words. She is so knowledgeable, so caring and responsive. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning. I will leave this experience with far more than weight loss.



This group online education program includes:

One weekly module to teach the full body mind transformation information (total of 4 modules)

A comprehensive guide to the program.

A recipe guide curated by a NYC chef.

A group onboarding call to review all you need to know.

Weekly Q and A calls so you get all the support you need.

BONUS: A private support group on Facebook! These ladies are dynamite!

The program starts on October 4th, 2021.

Pay in full $997 $597

Or two payments of $298.50
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